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Ads Overview Course

Ads Overview Course

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Are you struggling to gain traction for your business, attract new customers, or effectively promote your products or services on a limited budget?

You're not alone. Countless aspiring entrepreneurs, hardworking small business owners, and innovative startup founders like yourself face the same challenges every day.

Bridge the Gap in Advertising Experience

You may be an expert in your field, but advertising is a completely different ballgame. This course will guide you through the ad creation process, no matter your level of experience:

  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Our video course breaks down advertising into simple, accessible steps.
  • Professional Tips and Insights: Get insider knowledge that the pros use to create effective ad campaigns.
  • Confidence Boost: Equip yourself with advertising expertise and watch your marketing efforts soar.

Don't let a limited budget hold you back. Unlock the power of advertising on a budget - download the full course today!


Target the Right Audience and Choose the Best Platforms

Know your target audience, and you're halfway to success - we'll help you get there:

  • Difficulty in targeting the right audience will be a thing of the past, as our course teaches you techniques to define and target your ideal customers.
  • Feel confident about selecting the most suitable advertising platforms for your product or service with our expert guidance.

Supercharge Your Campaign with High Conversion Rates

Your First Ads offers insights into crafting high-converting content to ensure no resources go to waste:

  • Improve landing pages and calls to action by following our proven tips for success.
  • See your conversion rates climb, resulting in greater returns on your advertising investment.

You get access to:

  • A comprehensive video course that covers everything from setting up campaigns to optimizing results.
  • Expert strategies for content creation, targeting, and more.

Take the first step towards advertising success. 

Limited Time Offer: Unlock the Power of Advertising on a Budget

To celebrate the launch of this course, we are offering a special discount on enrollment! Time is running out, and spots are filling up fast. Let us help you overcome your advertising hurdles and transform your business today for only £34.95

Enroll in 'Your First Ads' Now and Discover the Secrets of Successful Advertising on a Budget!

Don't let a limited budget hold you back from achieving success. Seize this unique opportunity to gain the advertising knowledge, strategies, and tactics that professionals use to create winning ad campaigns.

Remember, the clock is ticking on this exclusive offer. Take the first step toward advertising success and get ready to watch your business grow beyond your wildest dreams!


Access to 7 detailed modules 

Video 1 - Introduction to Google Ads 

Video 2 - Ads account creation overview ( create a campaign )

Video 3 - Campaign bidding overview and conversions summary 

Video 4 - Campaign settings, targetting the right customers

Video 5 - Audience segements, increase your click-through rates 

Video 6 - Keywords overview, find the right keywords 

Video 7 - Finalise you AD and launch 


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